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Benefit Cosmetics Debuts Skincare

Benefit Cosmetics has established itself as an authority in makeup, with millions of people relying on its products to achieve fuller brows, elongated lashes, and flushed cheeks. However, it is important to remember that makeup can only do so much to conceal blemishes and enhance facial features. Unhealthy skin cannot be camouflaged by even the best products and professionals in the business. In other words, makeup is only as effective as the skin underneath it. Benefit Cosmetics understands this well. In 2010, the brand launched the groundbreaking ‘POREfessional’ primer and since then, it has expanded into a range of products dedicated to minimizing the appearance of pores. Building on the success of its pore-blurring makeup range, Benefit Cosmetics is now introducing its first-ever skincare range dedicated entirely to pores. Trust in the brand’s expertise and try out its new skincare products to achieve healthy, beautiful-looking skin.

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